About Rutgers University-Newark

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Winter Session

Take advantage of our smaller class sizes, convenient location, and flexible course schedule. With in-person, online, and hybrid classes, there is a class to fit any schedule.

Attending a winter course at RU-N offers students the ideal opportunity to:

  • Accelerate their time to graduation
  • Explore a subject of interest
  • Reduce their spring course work
  • Improve GPA

With an accelerated meeting schedule, the Winter Session experience allows students to focus on a single subject matter, empowering students to master the materials, a feat impossible during the academic year. Winter Session courses are open to:

  • Current and past Rutgers University students
  • Visiting students from other colleges and universities
  • Pre-college students
  • Adults interested in personal enrichment, professional development, or degree completion opportunities

World-Class Education

Rutgers University in Newark: Education is more than reading a textbook

Students have opportunities to conduct research alongside professors who are international leaders in their fields. Many of our college classes are small. Our student to teacher ratio is 13:1, so students get individual attention. Our students leverage what they learn in the classroom to lead student clubs, network with employers and alumni, conduct laboratory and field research, obtain internships, and secure full-time employment upon graduation. It all adds up to a top college experience – but don’t take our word for it. 92% of our college graduates recommend attending Rutgers University in Newark to their peers!


It really does matter.  Since 1997, the first year that U.S. News & World Report began ranking college on the diversity of their student bodies, U.S. News has rated Rutgers University–Newark the most diverse national university in the United Sates; no other school has been so recognized. Does graduating from the nation’s most diverse school really make a difference in a student’s overall academic experience? Is it possible to assign an educational value to the racial, ethnic and religious diversity of a college’s student body? A resounding “yes” is the answer from thousands of graduating seniors and alumni at U.S. News & World Report’s most diverse national university in the United States, Rutgers University–Newark*. Every year hundreds of graduating seniors, responding to open-ended questions on R-N exit surveys, say that the diversity of the campus contributed profoundly to the quality of their Rutgers-Newark education. In fact, that aspect of their academic experience receives more positive comment than any other. The same theme is sounded repeatedly from alumni, especially those who have graduated in the last decade. Those who have gone into the business world report that diversity is widely recognized as integral to business creativity in the global marketplace. They tell us that the experiences they gained here, working with people from so many different backgrounds, have given them a competitive advantage in their careers.

Our History

The year 2016 marks the 250th anniversary of Rutgers’ founding—a major milestone in the history of our university.  Help us plan for a celebration worthy of 250 years of Rutgers!

Rutgers University–Newark is an urban, public research university that is not merely in, but of its environment. It is a university of the system of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, located in the great city of Newark, the state’s largest city and cultural capital, where the great challenges facing our increasingly metropolitan nation and world increasingly can be found, as can the assets needed to take on those challenges. The RU-N community takes very seriously the urgent call to higher education today to prepare students for the world as it will be; produce scholarship that makes a difference in our city, state, nation, and world; increase access and affordability for increasingly diverse generations of students; fully recognize and reward faculty and staff for the full range of their roles; and get higher education out of its silo through collaborations locally and globally, while breaking down silos within. The university’s location is both a defining influence in its story and a distinctive strength, especially as it serves to attract talent: generations of students hungry for the opportunities afforded by gaining a first-rate higher education in a major American urban center, faculty who vigorously embrace the opportunity to produce high impact scholarship, engage the community, and prepare these students for professional success and informed citizenship in an increasingly complex world, and staff committed to advancing an inclusive campus culture focused on excellence.

Our Community

Newark, N.J., isn’t merely part of our address; it’s an integral part of who and what we are, and has been since our founding more than a century ago.   “We” are thousands of students and educators, the staff who support them, and the leaders who guide them all.  We come from across the state, across the nation and across the oceans, but we aren’t merely visitors. We take pride in being a deeply engaged urban university located in New Jersey’s largest, oldest city.  Our urban environment shapes and defines us in special ways, from classes that use Newark itself as a learning laboratory, to partnerships with local corporations and non-profits. Our academic, cultural  and recreational programs attract visitors all year round, while our law school’s clinics provide legal services to the public, and our business school offers services for business start-ups. Rutgers students tutor and mentor in area schools, volunteer at local food banks, and more. We also play a vital role in economically reinvigorating and developing our home city.  As our enrollment has grown, we have added new academic buildings, residence halls and retail stores, making ours a real 24/7 campus.  Nearby are restaurants, and cultural and recreational facilities such as the Newark Museum, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, the Bears and Eagles Stadium, and the Prudential Arena. Rutgers University-Newark.  We are far more than a collection of buildings and grounds; we are a community of learning, leadership, and commitment.  We strive always to be a good neighbor whose strength of character is defined not merely by actions, or words or history, but by the combination of all three.