Registration Resources

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Rutgers University Students
Continuing Rutgers University students may register online by using WEBREG or in person beginning October 2, 2017. Please refer to the Rutgers University-Newark Winter Session Registration Calendar, for registration dates and deadlines.

Non-RU Students (Visiting Students)
Non-Rutgers students do not need to go through the Office of Admissions in order to register for Winter Session courses.    To initiate the registration process, please complete the Registration Inquiry Form.  You will receive an email within 3 business days containing your Rutgers University Identification number (RUID), which you will need in order to register through the Web Registration System (WEBREG).  The Personal Access Code (PAC), unless specified, is comprised of the four digits representing the month and day of your birth.

If you are a matriculated student at another college or university, you must confirm course transferability with your home institution before the first class meeting. Brief course descriptions are available on the Winter Session website.  If more detailed course information is required by your home institution, please contact the appropriate Rutgers academic department.  You can find department contact information at Enrolling in Winter Session courses does not constitute admission to Rutgers University. To apply for a degree program at Rutgers, please contact the Office of Admission, 973/353-5205.

RBHS Students
Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) students interested in attending Rutgers
University–Newark Winter Sessions must contact their home school Registrar for registration, payment, and financial aid information

Graduate Courses
Non-Rutgers students registering for graduate courses must obtain the approval of the graduate director of the department offering the course before submitting the Registration Inquiry Form.

Non-Rutgers Students Who Attended Winter Session 2017
Non-Rutgers students who attended Winter Session 2017 may register via WEBREG by entering their RUID or Social Security number and Personal Access Code (PAC).  The PAC, unless specified, is comprised of the four digits representing the month and day of your birth.

After registering, students should make any necessary changes to their home address or phone number for billing and grade reporting at,

Non–RU Students Who Wish to Register for Undergraduate Business Courses
Non–RU students cannot register for undergraduate business courses via WEBREG.  Please contact the Undergraduate Business School for more information.

Unemployed Workers Tuition Waiver
A checklist is available here with step by step information on the Rutgers University–Newark certification and registration process.The certification period for Winter Session 2018 is November 22, 2017 to December 14, 2017. Registration will take place on the first day of Winter Session, December 22, 2017.

Admitted Freshmen & Transfer Students
Students who have been admitted to Rutgers University–Newark for the Spring 2018 semester should not register for Math or English courses until they have taken the placement exam, and must limit themselves to introductory level courses (100- or 200-level). Transfer students should consult with their academic department or the Office of Student Affairs.

Students Seeking Readmission
Please consult the college catalog you are reapplying to for detailed information.

Late Registration
Students must receive written instructor approval to register for a course after the registration period. Please fill out the Late Registration Form and have the instructor sign it. The form must be completed and returned to The Office of Summer & Winter Sessions within 3 business days of the instructor’s approval.

Official Audit (Non–Rutgers Students Only)
A Non-Rutgers student may audit a course by entering an “N” in the “Credit Hour Prefix” column on the registration form. The student is expected to complete all the course work, except the final exam, and will be graded “S” or “U.” The course and grade appear on the student’s transcript. Students opting for audit registration must choose this option prior to the beginning of the course and may not change audit status once the course has begun. This option is available to Non-RU students only, and those students are still required to pay the regular tuition and student fees.

Pass/No Credit (Rutgers University Student Only)
A grade of Pass (equivalent to grades of A, B+, B, C+, and C) or No Credit (equivalent to grades of D and F) is assigned to a student who has registered for his or her course on that basis. This option is open only to juniors and seniors in good academic standing. No more than one course may be taken on a Pass/No Credit basis during the Winter Session, and credit is not allowed for more than four courses. This option may be used for electives only; it may not be used for courses required in the major or for courses used to satisfy the general curriculum requirements. Non–RU students are not permitted to take courses on a P/NC (Pass/No Credit) basis. Only Rutgers University students may take courses on a P/NC basis, when such registration is in accord with the regulations of the student’s college and the faculty offering the course. Request for P/NC grading must be made at the time of registration by inserting the symbol P or NC in the “credit hour prefix” column on the registration form. This option may not be made or changed after registration is completed.

Withdrawing from a Course/Dropping a Course/Refund
Do not anticipate that the university will automatically drop you from a class due to non-payment or non-attendance. Students must officially cancel their registration prior to the start of Winter Session in order to obtain a full refund.  If for any reason a student is unable to withdraw using WEBREG, they must visit the Office of the Registrar in person. Telephone withdrawals will not be accepted. Neither non-payment, nor non-attendance constitutes a withdrawal and students are responsible for withdrawing from classes via WEBREG,, or by submitting a Change of Course Form to the Office of the Registrar by the dates listed on the Rutgers University–Newark Winter Session Registration Calendar.  All withdrawals must be done in person once the session begins.  Please consult the Winter Session Registration Calendar for partial refund and no refund withdrawal dates. It is the student’s responsibility to check their account to be certain that courses are dropped successfully. Students are ultimately responsible for officially dropping a course, cancelling registration, or withdrawing by the posted deadlines to avoid academic and/or financial consequences.”

Closed Courses & Special Permission Numbers
There are instances when registration in certain closed courses may be allowed.  Please contact the academic department offering the course to determine option availability.  If approval to register is granted by the academic department, a six-digit Special Permission Number will be issued to the student by that department.  Special Permission Number are one time use only.  The Special Permission Number must be entered when prompted by WEBREG or provided to the Office of the Registrar if registering in person.

Registering for a Course With a Prefix
If registering for a course where a prefix may be needed, you must do so in person at the Office of the Registrar. See samples below.

Prefix-E Course does not count in average or toward degree.
Prefix-G 300-400 level course taken by a Rutgers graduate student. Counts toward the graduate degree program.
Prefix-N Not for credit. Graded “S” or “U”. No final exam.
Prefix-P Course taken on “Pass/No Credit” basis. Available to Rutgers students only.
Prefix-R Course taken for better grade in accordance with academic policy of faculty. Available to Rutgers students only.

Course Listings
Course listings are available in the Course Catalog.  Below is a sample course, along with a description.  Meeting days and times are not provided for online courses or other courses that meet by arrangement.  Hybrid courses may include specific meeting dates/times as provided by the department/instructor.  Please consult with the department for more information regarding online, by arrangement, or hybrid course meeting dates and times.

Sample Course: EXPOSITORY WRITING (3 cr.)
Dec. 22, 2017 & Jan. 2-12, 2018
MTWThF 1:00-4:15
HILL 209
Course Title Expository Writing
Number of Credits (3 cr.)
School Code 21
Subject Code 350
Course Number
001-299 lower-level
300-499 upper-level
500-800 graduate
Section Number W1
Index Number 00958
Session Dates Dec. 22, 2017 & Jan. 2-12, 2018
Days of Class Meetings MTWThF
Class Meeting Time 12:00-4:15
Instructor Name DAVIS
Location HILL 209