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466 Topics in Criminal Justice: Procedural Justice

Topics in Criminal Justice: Procedural Justice (47:202:466:W2:01296) - CANCELLED
Class Dates: 12/21/2018 - 01/18/2019
Class Times: MTWThF, 1:00pm - 4:15pm
Instructor: Chillar
Location: Engelhard Hall - Room 213
Format: On Campus
Credits: 3

Within the current climate, special attention has been paid to the ways in which those who interact with the Criminal Justice System (Police, Courts, and Corrections) are treated by the respective representatives of each component. The concept of Procedural Justice seeks to instill four core principles within the agents of the system: voice (listening), neutrality (fairness), trustworthiness, and respectful treatment. Due to the number of interactions that front-line actors such as police officers, judges, and corrections officers have with members of the public that have become involved with the Criminal Justice system, it is imperative that these individuals behave in ways that promote perceptions of legitimacy and effectiveness of the institutional system writ large.   This course will analyze each component of the Criminal Justice system and the ways in which it has addressed various issues (i.e. use of force, the rhetoric of actors, hostile relations, prisoner misconduct) through a Procedural Justice framework. It will also explore the effects that have resulted from the implementation within the various settings of the Criminal Justice System. Additionally, policies that have been implemented by various agencies with a Procedural Justice framework will be analyzed to understand the intersectionality of research and policy.

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