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526 Evidence-Based Public Management & Policy

Evidence-Based Public Management & Policy (20:834:526:W5:12024)
Class Dates: 12/23/2019 - 1/17/2020
Instructor: Lin
Location: Blackboard
Format: Online
Credits: 3

Focusing on “best practice” and “evidence-based practice” and distinctions between them, this course offers an introduction to those wishing to craft more effective policies and programs in public and nonprofit organizations. It explores the linkages between public policy and management, including understanding the process of policy formulation and change in the U.S. context and beyond. The meaning of “evidence-based” is considered in applied policy and management contexts, and the implication of differences in evidence type and quality are considered. The conflicting role of values and evidence in shaping program and policy choices will be conceptualized, in order to appreciate the effect of context in applying evidence to a local policy/management problem. Students will be better equipped to identify “best practices” and to develop “evidence based practices” to improve organizational effectiveness in management settings. Adaptation of programs or policies to their adoptive local context is presented as a mechanism for better aligning organizations with their environment. Pitfalls of the rational approach are reviewed to caution the strictly symbolic use of such approaches. The relationship between EBP and its counterpart, performance management, is explored.

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