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Closed out of a course during the fall? Want to reduce next semester's coursework? Rack up credits this winter to get you one step closer to graduation!

Most continuing Rutgers University students may register online using WebReg. To register online, please click the link below and log in with your NetID and password. Please refer to the Winter Session Registration Calendar, for important dates and deadlines. 



Registration begins for all students Monday, October 3, 2022.

Immunization Requirement

Students planning to register for Winter Session 2023 are required under Policy 10.3.14 to be vaccinated against COVID-19 unless they have received a medical or religious exemption approved in writing by Rutgers' Waiver Review Committee or are exempt from the Policy for any of the other reasons listed in the Policy.  Students registered for Winter 2023 courses who are not compliant with the University Policy 10.3.14 are subject to being removed from those courses.

Important Resources:

Late Registration 

Students that do not register by the December 22, 2022 deadline may submit a Late Registration Form through the Summer & Winter Session's Application Portal. Registration is contingent upon instructor approval. The Office of Summer & Winter Sessions will request that approval on your behalf. All status updates and messaging regarding your Late Registration request will be communicated through the Application Portal. If a late registration request is approved, students must pay their term bill immediately.

Maximum Credit Load

To view the maximum credit load amount based on your school affiliation, please visit our Maximum Credit Load Policy.


All students must complete the RUHere process for Winter Session 2023.  Please note that your registration is not complete until both tuition payment and the RUHere process have been completed. For more information regarding the RUHere process, please visit to learn more.

Pass / No Credit

A grade of Pass (equivalent to grades of A, B+, B, C+, and C) or No Credit (equivalent to grades of D and F) is assigned to a student who has registered for his or her course on that basis. This option is open only to juniors and seniors in good academic standing. No more than one course may be taken on a Pass/No Credit basis during the Winter Session, and credit is not allowed for more than four courses. This option may be used for electives only; it may not be used for courses required in the major or for courses used to satisfy the general curriculum requirements. Non-RU students are not permitted to take courses on a P/NC (Pass/No Credit) basis. Only Rutgers University students may take courses on a P/NC basis, when such registration is in accord with the regulations of the student's college and the faculty offering the course. Request for P/NC grading must be made at the time of registration by inserting the symbol P or NC in the "credit hour prefix" column on the registration form. This option may not be made or changed after registration is completed.

Students Seeking Re-Enrollment

Students who were previously undergraduates working towards a degree and who wish to return to Rutgers should submit the online re-enrollment application.

Graduate students seeking re-enrollment should contact the school that offers the degree they were working towards. 

RBHS Students

Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) students interested in attending Rutgers University-Newark Winter Sessions must contact their home school Registrar for registration, payment, and financial aid information.

Graduate RBS Students

Graduate business courses offered during the Winter Session are offered directly through the Rutgers School of Business. Current RBS students pursuing an MBA or graduate study should contact RBS for registration, payment, and other information. RBS MBA resources can be found here.

Law School Students

Law school courses offering during the Winter Session are coordinated directly through the Rutgers Law School.  Current Rutgers Law School students interested in attending Winter Session should visit the Rutgers Law School for registration, payment, and financial aid information.

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