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Tuition Per Credit

Winter Session 2024 tuition is based on the per-credit rates below.

Rutgers University Students: Winter Session tuition is not associated with your school of affiliation during the Spring/Fall terms. 

Undergraduate NJ Resident
Per Credit
Per Credit

Arts & Sciences (21)
Public Affairs (40)
Criminal Justice (47)

$441 $1,054
Rutgers Business School (29)    $455 $1,054
Graduate NJ Resident
Per Credit
Per Credit
Graduate School (26) $826



  • Winter Session Student Fee: $83 (applies to all students)

Winter Session Student Fee

The winter session student fee is charged to all winter session students in order to support student enhancement programs, services, and facilities, which complement and support the academic experience, such as library, writing centers and labs, health services, recreation centers, student centers, student events and concerts, and campus buses, among others.

Determining NJ Tuition Eligibility

In-state tuition is determined according to the student's New Jersey residency status or eligibility for the New Jersey Dream Act.

Non-residents are charged an additional tuition rate. Normally, students must have their permanent residence in New Jersey for a minimum of one year prior to the start of the term in order to qualify for in-state tuition rates. 

Residency is determined at the time of admission to the university. If students have a change of residency after they have started their attendance, they may file a Residency Analysis Form to change their status from out-of-state to in-state. 

For more information or to complete a Residency Analysis Form go to NJ Tuition Eligibility

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