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Qualified Unemployed Workers Tuition Waiver

Rutgers University Newark is a participating institution of the New Jersey Unemployed Workers Tuition Waiver Program.  

About the New Jersey Unemployed Workers Tuition Waiver Program
The tuition waiver program enables eligible unemployed persons to enroll (tuition free) in courses of instruction at public colleges and universities in New Jersey. These courses can only be attended if there are seats available; books, labs and other appropriate fees are the responsibility of the student. 

For more information visit the Department of Labor and Workforce Development website: https://nj.gov/labor/myunemployment/labor/myunemployment/jobseekers/training/index.shtml.

Find Out if You Qualify
To make an appointment with an employment counselor and find out if you qualify for the New Jersey Unemployed Workers Tuition Waiver Program, visit https://www.nj.gov/labor/career-services/job-search/get-support/onestoplocations.shtml.

Qualified individuals will receive the two documents below from their employment counselor to use at Rutgers University-Newark:

1.       Unemployed Person Job Training Form (Tuition Waiver Program)

2.       Individual Employability Development Plan (EDP)

Qualified Unemployed Workers Tuition Waiver Individuals Interested in Attending Winter Session
Qualified waiver recipients must complete the RU-Newark winter session waiver process.  For more information select the category below that best describes you.      

Current Students Click Here

Visiting Students Click Here

Students are required under Policy 10.3.14 to be vaccinated against COVID-19 unless they have received an approved medical or religious exemption. Students must upload their vaccination documentation on the Rutgers Student Immunization portal prior to registration.

Certification & Registration Period

Certification Period Registration
 Winter Session 2024 November 22 - December 15, 2023 December 22, 2023

Students must certify for courses prior to registration. Please contact the Office of Summer & Winter Sessions, wintersession@newark.rutgers.edu, to make a virtual appointment during the certification period. 

Rutgers University Policy

View the full Rutgers University Tuition Waiver Policy for Qualified Unemployed Workers here

Immunization Requirement

Students must meet the health and immunization requirements mandated by New Jersey State law and university policies, for more information visit Immunization Packet.

Important Resources:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all students must complete the RUHere process for Winter Session. To see the RUHere Winter Session deadlines, visit Session Deadlines.  Students not completing the RUHere process within the designated dates will be dropped from their Winter Session course(s).  For more information regarding the RUHere process, visit myrun.newark.rutgers.edu/ruhere to learn more.

Qualified Unemployed Workers Tuition Waiver students may not use a special permission number (SPN) to register for a closed course. However, students may obtain a special permission number from the instructor or the department to register for a course that has a restriction code. 

All documents are required and must be presented at the time of certification. All documents must be original and contain the appropriate authorization from the One-Stop Career Center. 

Participants are responsible for any non-mandatory student user fees or course-specific/program-specific charges (lab fees, textbooks, etc.). Students should visit the Student Accounting Services, Blumenthal Hall - 3rd Floor, at the time of registration for a full list of fees. 

Once registered, students may not add courses without approval from the Registrar's Office. Any participating student who adds a course without this approval will be deregistered from the unapproved course. Students may withdraw from a course after the session has started, with a "W" grade. Participants may not register as a tuition-paying student in any course during the same semester or session in which they are utilizing the waiver benefit for another course. 

Students must certify for a course prior to registration. To make an appointment to be certified during the dates listed above, please contact the Office of Summer & Winter Sessions, wintersession@newark.rutgers.edu or 973-353-5112. Students who have missed the certification dates for Winter Session are still eligible to certify and register for courses in the following semester or session.

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