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314 TOPICS IN ANTHROPOLOGY: Mental Health and Illness

Topics in Anthropology: Mental Health and Illness (21:070:314:W5:00937)
Class Dates: 12/22/23 & 1/2/24 - 1/12/24
Class Times: Meeting Time By Arrangement
Instructor: Holliday-Stocking
Location: Canvas
Format: Online
Credits: 3

Sociologists and anthropologists argue that mental illness is socially constructed and that population mental health is profoundly shaped by social conditions. In this course, we will explore the sociological and anthropological understandings of and contributions to the study of mental health and illness. We will focus on a range of topics, including but not limited to:  the medicalization of deviant behavior, changing definitions of mental illness across time and cultures, the social determinants of mental illness, and the responses by the mental health care system.

Cross-Listed with: Topics in Sociology (21:920:393:W5)

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