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491 Language and Culture

Language and Culture (21:300:491:W5:01763)
Class Dates: 12/22/23 & 1/2/24 - 1/12/24
Class Times: Meeting Time By Arrangement
Instructor: Staff
Location: Canvas
Format: Online
Credits: 3

This course is designed to illuminate all school community members & in particular teachers’ understanding of the linguistic and cultural diversity among former and current English language learners in the United States through a thorough review of the research on language development in the social context. Understanding how cultural factors influence many aspects of second language learning and use will enable teachers to discover and incorporate the relationship between culture, language teaching, and learning. Language and cultural differences affecting English language learners’ success will be covered extensively to provide language teachers and community members with the knowledge and tools necessary to promote and participate in equity and social justice; to make developmentally appropriate educational decisions; and to recognize the implications of diversity for teaching and learning in a multicultural society.

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